Who We Are

Acacia Smart Venture is a Financial Company in Mexico. We are not like other financial institutions. At Acacia Smart Venture, having a relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance. We strive to be an extension of your business, an associate in whom you can confide to reach your financial goals.


Our mission is to be a strong financial institution, committed to satisfying the needs of our clients, serving society, and fostering sustainable shared growth for a better world.


Our vision is being the most reliable financial institution in Mexico and working as a team to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. We want to provide reliable and constant support to our clients and widen and strengthen our presence in Mexico.


Our values are integrity and responsibility, professionalism and teamwork, and challenging ourselves to grow.




We help companies to be successful by providing them with support. We offer a considerable level of personalized service, which is unique among Mexican financial institutions.


We help companies to be successful by providing them with financing. Our associates and upper management are available to help your business to have success.


We help companies to be successful by providing knowledge. We are aware of the markets that we serve. Our knowledge and experience in the industry means that you will work with someone who understands the unique characteristics of your company and the industry.

We do customized loans

In addition to traditional businesses and real estate loans, at Acacia Smart Venture we offer special loans for a variety of industries, including health, technology, education, energy, and many others.

when you need it

You can trust Acacia Smart Venture to finance your company. If you need a bridge loan or financing for construction, for getting raw materials, inventory, or working capital; contact us, our analysis and credit approval is fast and efficient.


We offer cost and interest-free financing with accessible terms and the knowledge to help start a new business. We help families with limited economic resources to help themselves to get out of poverty.

Accounting and
legal advice

We offer our knowledge so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

International business

We offer lines of credit for importing products from the Republic of China, assistance with the search for providers, and logistics for the goods purchased.


Joint Venture

Acacia Smart Venture provides seed, venture and growth-stage funding to the best companies around the world. We focus on the early stage because that's where we can have the greatest impact to entrepeneurs.



Batallón de San Patricio 109 Sur, Piso 19, Col. Valle Oriente,
San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León C.P. 66260,
Tel. +52 81 8133 2769


Privacy Policy

Acacia Smart Venture S.A. of C.V. SOFOM E.N.R. (referred to henceforth as Acacia), is confident that its main assets are its clients, and for this reason we apply these guidelines, policies, procedures, and privacy programs to protect your information. As a client of Acacia, you have the opportunity to choose among a wide range of products and services, knowing that your personal information will be protected. The safety of your information is our priority, and so we protect it through the use, application, and upkeep of highly technical, phsical, and administrative security measures. In addition, on July 5th, 2010, the Official Bulletin of the Federation of Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Individuals was published (henceforth know as the “Law”), whose provisions clearly align with our goal of protecting your personal information. You can access the content of this Law through the Federal Government portals, through the Governing Secretary, and the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union that are on the Internet. Their addresses are: and In virtue of that previously outlined, we bring to your attention that in compliance with our Privacy Policy and that of the Law, the personal information that we obtain in virtue of the operations that you request or make with Acacia will be treated in a confidential manner through the systems and plans provided to such an effect. Those responsible for the handling of your personal information: The responsible party for the treatment of your personal information will be Acacia, for attending to your application for a product or banking or financial service, for formalizing contracts, or for doing non-business or not-for-profits activities. As such, Acacia will be able to collect your necessary personal information to allow for the access of any estates in which your offices or branches are located. Address of the responsible party: For the effects of the present privacy policy, Acacia states that its address is located at Calle Batallon de San Patricio 109, Piso 17, Colonia Valle Oriente, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Cp 66260 (Edificio Avalanz). Personal information that will be collected and held: Acacia will collect the necessary personal information for attending to your application for a product or banking or financial service, in order to formalize its contract, as well as to carry out non-business or not-for-profit activities that Acacia participates in. The categories of personal information to be collected and subjected to treatment are: (I) identifying information (including the derivatives of their own physical characteristics); (ii) contact information; (iii) hereditary information; (iv) financial information; (v) academic information; and, (vi) work information. Acacia will be able to do any research and actions that are considered necessary, in order to prove through any third party, dependence or authority, the authenticity of the information that was provided. Purposes of the treatment of your personal information: The personal information that Acacia collects will be used to attend to your application for a product or banking or financial service, in order to formalize its contract, or to maintain or comply with the legal relationship that is made. As such, Acacia will be able to use your personal information for: (I) marketing, publicity and business prospects; (ii) offer you other banking or financial products from any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, controlling committees, associates, commissions agents, or member society of Acacia; (iii) provide you with promotions or related services with said banking and financial products; (iv) make you aware of your invite you to participate in our not-for-profit activities of social commitment and have as a goal the promotion of the development of people, through educational, social, ecological and cultural projects; and, (v) allow itself access to any of the buildings in which your offices or branches are located, ends that are not indispensable for compliance with the legal relationship which gave rise to the product or service contracted. Transfer of personal information: Acacia will be able to transfer your personal information to Mexican or foreign third parties when the transfer: (I) is stated in a Law or Treaty in which Mexico is a part; (ii) is necessary for medical prevention or diagnosis, the granting of public assistance, medical treatment, or public assistance management; (iii) is carried out by controlling committees, subsidiaries, or affiliates under the common control of Acacia who are responsible for operating under the same processes and internal policies, as well as their associates; (iv) is necessary for virtue of a contract created or to be created in the interest of the holder, by Acacia; (v) is necessary or legally demanded for the safekeeping of a public interest, or for the procurement or administration of justice; (vi) is necessary for the knowledge, exercise, or defense of a judicial process right; and, (vii) is necessary for the upkeep or compliance with a legal relationship with Acacia. Consent Revocation: You can revoke your consent, as well as make it so that the treatment of your personal information for ends that are not indispensable for legal relationship that gave rise to the product or service that you have contracted or requested, indicating as such in the “Authorization of Use of Information” tab, contained on the product or service application that you subscribe to with Acacia. On the other hand, to put said revocation into effect at a time after the formalization of the product or service that you contract with Acacia, you will be able to contact our Customer Service Center by telephone or go to any branch to obtain the respective format, through which we will exclude, in a timer period of 45 (forty five) days counted starting with the receipt of said format, of our companies with marketing, publicity, or commercial prospect ends, previous accreditation of your identity, or, in its case, that of your legal representative, which will proceed without the need for complying with the additional requirement, and, as such, you will not have to take part afterward for any request. Additionally, we are informing you that you can register in the Public Registry of Users (REUS), registry that contains information about the users of the financial system that do not wish to be bothered with publicity and promotions on the part of financial institutes in their marketing, publicity, and commercial prospects practices, through the website of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of the Users of Financial Services (Condusef) whose address is ARCO Rights: You or your duly accredited legal representative, will be able to limit the use or disclosure of your personal information; as well as execute, when they proceed, the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, or Opposition that the Law requires through the format that Acacia provides you to said effect, which will be accompanied by the documents that accredit the identify of the holder (official ID with photo) or in its case the legal representation of the holder in terms of common legislation, and present it at any Acacia branch, which will channel your application to the department of personal information of Acacia, which will give formality to the applications of the holders for the execution of the ARCO rights in a time period not longer than 20 days starting from its reception. It is important to mention that the execution of any of the mentioned rights is not a previous requirement and does not impede the execution of another right. You will be able to obtain the format to execute your ARCO rights through any of the Acacia branches. Also, we are informing you that you have the right to initiate a Procedure for the Protection of Rights before the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Protection of Information ( within the 15 days following the date in which the response from Acacia is received, or started from when the time period of 20 days from the date of reception of your application of execution of rights and you have not received any response. Modifications to the Privacy Policy: You will be notified of any modification of the present policy through any of the following means: written communication sent to your place of residence or turned in at any Acacia branch; a message contained in your account; a message sent to your email address or your mobile phone; a message given through or any electronic means that Acacia uses for completing operations; or, through messages published in the Acacia branches or in bulletins in circulation. Providers of Acacia (physical persons): In the case that you are a physical person providing services for Acacia, or that you are an agent or shareholder of any provider and you are a physical person, the Privacy Policy applies to you equally and the content here, being that the treatment of your information will be limited to the agreement to the end that is established in this medium for which this existing legal relationships has been formalized. Other Contact Information for Acacia: Website: